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September 2017: Longitudes Article on Creativity

April 2017: Wall Street Journal’s Manager Tools

September 2016: How Empathy Drives Innovation

May 2016: Design is for everyone, UM Alumni Association

April 2015: Creating a more inclusive Academy

April 2015: Leading with Emotional Aperture

Oct 2014: Negotiating with Emotional Intelligence IEDP.com

Aug 2014: Use Design Thinking to Develop Better Leaders, Chief Learning Officer

Sept. 2014: National Public Radio, Marketplace, Professional Signals, Innovation & Attire

**Click here to watch a video interview on Design Thinking Principles

Authored Publications

2/25/2012: When Truisms are true, The New York Times

12/4/2013: How to Argue Across Cultures, Harvard Business Review

Media Mentions

11/15/2012:   A Recipe to Enhance Innovation, The New York Times

8/3/12: Still Puritan after all these yearsThe New York Times

3/11/12: Interview on American Professionalism on ABC TV-Channel 13

1/25/12: Thinking outside the box – literally. The Wall Street Journal

10/27/11: Thinking Out of the BoxThe Huffington Post

05/13/10: Can companies really predict what we like online?

6/30/08: Click here to read Mixed Backgrounds Improve Organizational Innovation and Creativity

2/28/2008 National Public Radio, Marketplace, “We don’t hang out with our coworkers”

9/27/07 The Associated Press (by Jackie Farwell)

9/21/07 The Washington Post ( P. D02)

11/19/07 The New York Times, (“So you want Ivy around your desk?” by Elizabeth Olson)

CNNMoney.com “Clear your desk of family photos?

Sloan Management Review “Conflict in the Workplace,”, Winter 2007

Chicago Tribune, January 6, 2004, Decorations walk a fine line: Cubical dwellers & professional images

Christian Science Monitor, August 25, 2003.  Why being ‘all business’ may leave Americans behind

National Public Radio, August 9, 2003.  American Workways


Denmark: Du er som dit skrivebord – Din karriere 2/27/08

The Globe and Mail 10/24/07: “Home away from home”

Spain: La Vanguardia (9/17, 2007; Barcelona)

England: City and Business, The Express, August 15, 2003

Italy: In ufficiola gratificazione paga: La repubblica, November 6, 2003

Mexico: Ambiente de trabalho Amistoso e maisProdutivo, Terra, August 27, 2003

Brazil: Empregados amistosos sao mais productivos, Segundo pesquisa, Assist, August 15, 2003

Canada: The Globe and Mail, August 20, 2003. Impersonal Approach Hurts Business

Estonia: SobralikTootaja Jouab Rohkem, Eesti Paevaleht, September 1, 2003

Lithuania: Marsui Priartejus, Nelaimenmis Gasdina Pranasautojai, alietuvis.com, August 30, 2003

Netherlands: Vriendelijke Werknemer Productiever, Carp Baanbrekend Magazine, Sept. 6, 2003

Norway: DeVebbkuge Er Mer Effektive, Mandag Dagsavisen, August 17, 2003

CzechRepublic: Pratelstvina Pravocisti Zvysuje Efektivitu Prace, Novinky.cz, Sept. 2, 2003

New Zealand: Just right for the job. Employmenttoday.co.nz, September, 2003

Vietnam: Than Thien – Chia Khoa DanToi Hieu Qua Lao Ong, VNExpress.com, August 16, 2003

Japan:  Geocities.co.jp/wallstreet, August, 2003