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Terms of Use

The Emotional Aperture Measure (EAM) consists of photographic compositions that include facial expressions from the Montreal Set of Facial Displays of Emotion. These compositions and facial images are to be used solely for non-profit research purposes. In order to use the stimuli for purposes of illustration in conferences or manuscripts, consent from the authors of the EAM and MSFDE must be obtained (please contact Dr Sanchez-Burks at: jsanchezburks@umich.edu).

The creators of the EAM and Montreal Set of Facial Displays of Emotion should be acknowledged in any manuscript originating from projects using the stimulus set via the following reference:

Beaupré, M.G, & Hess, U. (2005). Cross-cultural emotion recognition among Canadian ethnic groups. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 26, 355-370.

Sanchez-Burks, J., Bartel, C., Rees, L., & Huy, Q. (in press). Assessing Collective Affect Recognition via the EAM (Emotional Aperture Measure). Cognition & Emotion.


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